How to Take Care of a Cedar Shake Roof

Regular roof maintenance is vital if you have a cedar shake roof.  Cedar shingles are a beautiful addition to any home in the Medford, Oregon, area.  This type of roof is an investment that requires regular care to have a long lifespan. 

  1. Have your roof regularly inspected to make sure that your shingles are in decent shape and you don’t have any moss or moisture trapped under your shingles.
  2. Cleaning a cedar shake roof improves your roof’s lifespan and keeps it looking great.  Because of the molds and moss that grows naturally in Oregon, it is important to inspect your roof regularly to see if it needs to be cleaned.  Ask a professional, the best way to clean your cedar roof.  If you clean it the wrong way, you may cause water to become trapped under the shingles and encourage mold growth or leaks.
  3. Missing shingles need replacements right away.  Missing shingles can allow water, pests, and rodents to enter your home.  You may also have a mold problem inside your house if shingles are missing from your roof.
  4. If you have rotten shingles, have them replaced right away.  These shingles look discolored and dry differently than the shingles that aren’t rotten.
  5. Your shingles may curl if they don’t get enough sun.  You may need to have roof repairs and replace the curled shingles if they don’t go back to their original shape.
  6. Talk to a professional about treatments for your cedar shake shingles.  Some of these treatments are toxic and can be harmful if they aren’t applied by a professional.  Once your roof is inspected, and preventative maintenance is done, ask about the types of treatment that help extend the life of your roof. 

Taking care of a cedar shake roof is easy if you put roof maintenance on your calendar.  When you do a walkthrough every month to check the rest of your home, inspect your roof to make sure moss or fungus isn’t growing on it.  If you can see missing or rotten shingles, call Hadley Roofing for repair services!

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