3 Tips for Ensuring Your Roof Is Ready for Spring and Summer

Summer time is just around the corner and homeowners across Medford Oregon are eager to spend time outdoors and enjoy the pleasant weather throughout the coming months. However, spring and summer storms are relatively common in Southern Oregon, and they pose a major threat to not only your roof, but your home and the people living inside. Thankfully, there are simple things homeowners in Medford Oregon can do to ensure their roofs are prepared to withstand rain and powerful winds ahead of time.

Before a serious storm occurs during the warmer months, take the time to use the following three easy tips to make sure your roof is prepared.

Examine Your Gutter System

Throughout the winter, large accumulations of dirt and other debris frequently build up in gutter systems. Oftentimes, the collection of debris can cause serious damage to a gutter system. If your system is damaged, it may not be able to manage the rainfall, which is why it is vital to examine your gutter system. Be sure to clean out and check to make sure your gutters have not sustained damage from the winter. Take time to do a comprehensive inspection of your roof and check that your shingles are in good shape.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

It is wise to have a professional examine your roof annually, and there is no better time than the warmer months to have your roof checked out. If you have not had a roofing expert come to look at your roof, you may want to consider scheduling one to be sure that your roof is functioning efficiently. A professional can inspect your roof for any signs of damage and discover issues before they become critical roofing emergencies.

Trim Tree Branches

If your front or back yard has trees with limbs and branches that hang directly above your roof, consider having them trimmed this season. While this can provide your house extra shade and shield your roof from the sun, branches that are situated over your home could cause severe damage to your roof if they were to fall because of harsh winds or a rainstorm.

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