Protecting Your Roof This Winter

When your roof is leaking, broken, or damaged, you not only begin to feel the harsh effects of the weather but also put yourself at a huge safety risk. When winter rolls around, your roof is vital in protecting you … Continued

Roofing Issues You May Be Overlooking

Many residents throughout Medford may believe roofing isn’t a problem until a major storm rolls through and causes noticeable damage. However, the reality is that your commercial or residential roof could already be suffering. There are a few issues your … Continued

Getting Leaves Off Your Roof

Changing the leaves can be stunning, especially in a forest-filled state such as Oregon. However, that magic stops when the leaves fall and get everywhere. Clearing them from your yard is routine; clearing your gutters can be relatively simple. Getting … Continued

What Makes Roofs Leak

Leaking roofs are nothing new, but that doesn’t mean they’re nothing serious. When patching up a roof leak, you’ll need to understand where the leak came from in the first place. Here are a few common ways your roofs may … Continued