Getting Leaves Off Your Roof

Changing the leaves can be stunning, especially in a forest-filled state such as Oregon. However, that magic stops when the leaves fall and get everywhere. Clearing them from your yard is routine; clearing your gutters can be relatively simple. Getting leaves off your roof before they can create damage is a little trickier, so here are some tips.

Why Remove Leaves?

Before you get your ladder and prepare for cleanup, you may wonder what the point is. Leaves can create roofing problems, such as:

  • Decreasing a home’s curb appeal
  • Falling into the gutters and creating leaks
  • Decaying debris, which traps moisture and attracts pests 

Use a Leaf Blower

If the leaves are dry and your roof has a low pitch, you may be able to get out the leaf blower and get the job done quickly. This won’t always work, but it’s worth a shot if you strike at the right time and have experience using a leaf blower.

Use a Roof Rake

If the roof is too high for a leaf blower or the leaves are wet and sticky, you need a more direct tool. Getting a roof rake designed to clear off debris without damaging the roof is a good idea. You can also use a broom, extension tool, or non-metal snow shovel in a pinch.

Trim Your Trees

Leaves can’t bother you if they’re unable to reach your roof. Trim overhanging branches so nearby trees can’t drop their leaves onto your house. This also works to keep certain pests away and to prevent branches from falling during bad weather.

Call a Professional

Not every roof project should be done by amateurs. Removing leaves can be simple but much more complicated if the roof is particularly steep. Additionally, weather conditions can make it harder to get things done, such as wet or icy roofs. If your roof is too high up, you shouldn’t risk an accident to clean off some leaves. Instead, contact Hadley Roofing to have help with any of your roofing problems today.

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