How Can Ice Damage Your Gutters?

Winter weather can do a number on the exterior of your home. Sleet, snow, and ice can cause many problems for the external features of the house that protect the interior and internal structure. Your gutters are one of these essential elements that your home needs to prevent damage to your property. Many homeowners don’t realize the danger that ice poses to their gutters, but it is vital to be aware of these potential issues and take appropriate action to ensure that they do their job. Take a look at the following ways that ice can damage your gutters.

  • Ice dams. Ice dams are caused when snow and ice begin to melt on your roof. This usually occurs during the day when the sun is out and temperatures are a little higher. Many times, the ice and snow start to melt from the center of the roof and cause chunks of ice to form at the edges or in the gutters, where the temperature is cooler. This ice creates a barrier that can cause water to back up as the rest of the snow melts, and this water can penetrate through crevices between shingles and roofing materials and enter the interior structure of the home.
  • When ice builds up in your gutters during winter storms, the flow of melted snow may run out over the edge of the gutters and form long icicles. This can affect the function of your gutters and possibly pose a risk to individuals on the ground below the icicles.
  • Pressure on gutters. The weight of ice and snow in and around your gutters can cause them to crack, bend, and even pull away from the house itself.

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