How to Minimize the Impact of Winter on Your Roof

Medford, Oregon residents are familiar with the various challenges that the winter season can bring. One of the most critical is the threat to your roof. The main purpose of your roof is to serve as a protective layer, defending the rest of your home from the harsh elements. If this layer is compromised, you might soon find yourself in danger. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect in the winter and how best to minimize any impacts to your roof.

The main cause of damage to the roof of a house in the winter is a combination of snow, ice, and water. Snow can come to us in powdery flurries or powerful blizzards, and while the former is likely to have no effect, the latter can leave a layer of snow several feet thick atop your home. Depending on its load-bearing capacity, that can be enough to collapse the roof altogether. Meanwhile, ice can coat any debris in your gutters, building up layer after layer until completely damming your system. As snow and ice thaw, it creates excessive amounts of water that are now trapped on your roof. The more water there is, the more likely it will be that your roof will develop leaks, causing costly water damage.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can apply to prevent all this from happening:

  1. Clear Off Your Roof

After a heavy snow, it’s important to clear off your roof as best you can. This prevents it from piling up too much, to the point where it causes a collapse. While there are specific tools designed for such a purpose, you can also use a large sweeping broom to take care of the snow removal.

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters

Removing any debris in your gutters makes it much harder for ice to form thick enough layers to dam your whole gutter system. You can also apply a de-icing substance to the eaves of your home for additional protection.

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance to Check for Weak Points

A professional from Hadley Roofing can ensure that your roof is in good shape before it’s placed under the strain of winter weather. Our team will check for weak points and leaks and complete the necessary repairs in a swift manner. To schedule a visit from our experienced roofers, simply contact us via our website, or give us a call at 541-779-9545.

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