Is the Roof on Your Commercial Building Dependable?

You may wonder if the roof on your commercial building needs repairs or a replacement this fall.  If you live in Medford, Oregon, you may want to have it inspected to make sure that you can avoid having repairs or a replacement during the colder months. 

Signs Your Roof is Damaged and Needs Repairs or a Replacement:

  • If you have a shingle roof, and some of your shingles are missing, then your roof may eventually leak.  When you have missing shingles, water will work its way around the barriers and under the other shingles to cause damage. 
  • If you notice that you already have stains in your building from water leaking, then you should have your roof inspected for leaks, repaired, and the water damage repaired for safety.  When there is unresolved water damage, everyone is susceptible to mold growth affecting their health and the potential of structural damage.
  • If you don’t see a leak, but you notice that there is an odor of mold or mildew, then you may have a leak coming from your roof and not reaching your ceiling or walls.
  • If you notice puddles from a leak, then there is usually a hole in your commercial roof that needs repairs right away.  While leaks tend to progress, there are occasions, such as a storm, where a roof can have a hole in it that creates puddles in your building. 

Some Causes of Roof Damage on Commercial Buildings

  • If the drainage system doesn’t work correctly, or you don’t have one at all, then rainwater can accumulate and start to seep into the building.
  • If there is damage along the flashing, then the protective barrier that is made to keep water out, won’t work any longer.
  • If your roof is cracked or has a hole in it, then water will leak into the building.
  • An old roof takes on a lot of damage from the weather over the years, so making sure they have inspections regularly will help keep them in good condition and dependable for many more years. 
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