Preparing Your Roof for the Summer

As summer comes, the temperature outside steadily increases, which can quickly become a problem for your home’s roofing if you are not properly prepared. The rising heat can do damage to your home’s roofing and cause additional problems in your home.

The Sun and Your Roof

Sun damage is common in the summer as the temperatures rise. Roofing shingles age faster in the sun, and cracks, leaks, and other issues can develop. The adhesive that holds other kinds of roofing together can also melt over time from exposure to the sunlight.

To prevent damage from the sun, there are special coating and polishes that can block the sun’s rays and protect your roof from incurring any serious damage.

Rain Falling on the Roof

Rainfall can also cause different problems with a home’s roofing. The rainy days that come with summer can often cause damage to the roofing when the roofing absorbs the water. Additionally, leaks can develop if your roof’s adhesive is weakened. Waterproof layers can be applied to the roof to prevent these issues.

Another way to stop these problems is by regularly checking your roof for potential issues after the rain stops. This is especially crucial if there has been a storm.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Having your home’s roof regularly checked for damages is essential to make sure you aren’t surprised one day by major damages or issues with your roof that could threaten your safety.

It is best to have a professional roofing company check your roof regularly to make sure it remains safe and secure, no matter what weather may occur. If you need roofing repairs or simple maintenance for your home’s roof in Medford, OR, contact us at Hadley Roofing today. We will have one of our trained team members help you with whatever roofing services you need.

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