Protecting Your Property From Hail Damage

A hailstorm can come unexpectedly and cause damage to your property quickly. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent damage, taking some steps can at least ensure you’re prepared.

Protecting Your Property

Keep your property in good condition by following these tips for preventing hail damage:

  • Remove any items that could easily become projectiles in a hailstorm, like small furniture, umbrellas, containers, and plants with tall stems.
  • Secure gutters and downspouts.
  • Check your roof for gaps, tears, or other damage, and repair them as needed.
  • Check for any existing hail damage to exterior surfaces, such as siding, windows, and decks.
  • Fill holes in the roof, window, or exterior surfaces that may let hail in, and weatherproof them with caulking or foam sealant.

More Tips for Hail Damage Prevention

If hail damage is a concern, add hail damage to your homeowner’s insurance policy. This will provide you with insurance coverage in the event of hail damage. Make sure that your windows are properly sealed and your attic is properly insulated. If your home is not properly sealed or insulated, hail can travel through the roof and into your home. It is also important to keep sharp objects away from windows and doors.

After a Hailstorm Occurs

In the event of a hailstorm, stay inside, close all windows and doors, and wait for the storm to pass. When the storm is over, check to see if there is hail damage. If there is hail damage, take pictures, clean up any mess or dangerous debris, and file a claim with your insurance company.

Contact Hadley Roofing Inc. either before or after hail damage occurs to your roof. If you need a professional roof inspection, we can provide that as well as any recommendations on repairs or upgrades that can protect your roof from hail damage.

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