Protecting Your Roof This Winter

When your roof is leaking, broken, or damaged, you not only begin to feel the harsh effects of the weather but also put yourself at a huge safety risk. When winter rolls around, your roof is vital in protecting you from rain, snow, and cold. Keep the following strategies in mind to keep your roof protected for the winter.

Clear Your Roof of Debris

Now that the leaves are falling, you may believe it won’t make much of a difference to your roof, or you might think they’ll fall off naturally. If it has already started snowing in your area, too much of it can pile up and sink into your roof, eventually damaging it. We highly advise using a roof rake to clear your roof of debris to prevent pile-ups, which can cause the roof to burst and leak. If you cannot perform this task yourself, have a professional get to the top and do it for you.

Check Your Attic’s Ventilation

Your attic can be a viable factor in keeping your roof’s health in great condition. An attic’s ventilation can protect your home against the cold and prevent moisture buildup. Keep your attic properly insulated and warm so the rest of your home can stay protected from harsh weather conditions.

Let a Professional Evaluate Your Roof

You may know nothing about roof conditions, or you can’t fix the problems yourself. In either case, that’s okay. Rather than let problems persist or risk an issue developing over time, hire an experienced roof professional to investigate any issues and find solutions.

Hire Hadley Roofing Inc. Today

Hadley Roofing Inc. has proudly supported the state of Oregon with its various roofing problems, and with colder climates incoming, now is the perfect time to ensure your roof is ready for the winter. Speak with our team today if you need any help improving or repairing your roof.


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