Hadley Residential Roofing Services

Hadley Residential picWhen home owners in southern Oregon need a new roof, it is quite a big job to endure! The first thing you must do is choose a roofing expert that will provide quality work in a timely manner, all while making sure you have the right roof for your home that will last for many years. The friendly and experienced experts at Hadley Roofing will give you all you need in a roof, from affordable costs, selection of products and services, all the while ensuring that your roof is installed correctly and safely.

The first thing that Hadley Roofing will do for you is to ask thorough questions regarding what you need and want from the roof over your home. Once the professionals at Hadley Roofing understand what you are looking for, they will explain all the different types of roofing materials that will meet your needs. With the rain, hail and sometimes snow that the Medford area receives in the winter months, it is essential to have a roof that will endure extreme weather. Hadley Roofing understands the advantages and disadvantages to every type of roof and will completely explain all of these to you during the initial consultation. Some of the most common residential roofs are:

• Composition
• Wooden Shingles
• Metal
• Tile
• Slate
• Concrete
• Fiberglass

If you are not sure whether or not you need a new roof, you can rely on Hadley Roofing to perform a detailed inspection of your current roof, including your gutters, skylights and any chimneys. Once the inspection is complete, you will be given a specific proposal of what we recommend for your roof’s needs. At that point, you will know whether a repair is sufficient or if an entirely new roof is needed. When the work begins, Hadley Roofing’s goal is always to work quickly without compromising the quality work they are well known for. Our ambition with each job we do is to offer and properly install a roof that will provide longevity, dependability, strength and protection for the family that lives underneath it.

Along with quality workmanship, Hadley Roofing of Medford is proud of the superior customer service that is provided to all customers, no matter what the job. Our roofing specialists will treat your home as if it was their own, and will keep a clean work area from the start of the job through to the finish. Our roofing experts are highly trained and skilled in everything you need in a roofer, from the inspection of your current roof to the inspection of your new roof, post installation. Along with excellent customer service and quality work we are proud of, we also believe in safety in all we do, for both our team and your family. Whether you are putting a roof on a new home being built or thinking about replacing the one you have, Hadley Roofing is the best roofer for any job.