Roofing Issues You May Be Overlooking

Many residents throughout Medford may believe roofing isn’t a problem until a major storm rolls through and causes noticeable damage. However, the reality is that your commercial or residential roof could already be suffering. There are a few issues your roof could be experiencing that are hard to spot by the average person, so we hope the following guide helps you manage your roofing more reliably.

Ponding Water

When rain consistently falls on your roof, you may begin to notice a “pond” forming. For areas of your roof meant to be flat, ponds can form due to poor drainage. If left alone for too long, the water can seep through the roof and damage your home’s interior. You may believe a small pond forming on your roof is no major issue, but if left alone can cause disastrous consequences.


Your roof might have sustained a puncture if you’ve had strong winds or hail recently. Punctures allow moisture in your home, so you’ll want to plug them with sealant as soon as you notice any. To avoid holes, you can also consider installing sturdy and efficient shingles onto your roof to prevent punctures from becoming too much of a hassle.

Irregular or No Maintenance

If you rarely or never have your roof inspected for damage, you may have an ongoing issue that you’ve never noticed. It’s recommended to have your roof inspected annually, so if you’ve never had a professional examine your roof for damage, punctures, water issues, or other problems, you may have an issue and don’t realize it. Of course, if your roof is in good condition already, there’s no harm in having someone take a look to double-check.

Hadley Roofing: Your Medford Roofing Experts

Our team at Hadley Roofing is determined to assist clients throughout Medford with any roofing challenges that come up. Fixing your roof alone can be challenging and risky, so we’re prepared to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

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