Should I Install a Skylight

There’s something special about letting natural light into your Medford home during the spring and summer. However, skylights aren’t for everyone and must be carefully considered before installation. Consider the following before calling us to install a skylight if you believe one would benefit your home.

Skylights Save Energy

Installing a skylight on your roof may help if you want to save money on energy costs. Sunlight can naturally heat up your home, preventing you from needing to adjust your thermostat. Likewise, cross ventilation can also cool down your home, saving money on energy costs.

Natural Light Improves Mood

Natural light can improve one’s mood and help in various workplaces. Skylights let in this natural light, improving your mood and saving energy. This may be beneficial for you if mental health is something you value and you have the space to install a skylight. A change in mood may be just what you need to navigate your daily routine.

Skylights Are Expensive

While there may be several pros to installing a skylight, one thing you must consider is the cost of a skylight. Additionally, you may need to pay extra for repairs if your skylight is poorly installed or inferior materials are used for installation. To avoid this, speak with a qualified and experienced roofing company that knows exactly how to install the best skylight for your home.

Hadley Roofing: Your Medford Roofing Company

Skylights can greatly benefit certain Medford homes; however, these must be considered carefully before installation. It’s also crucial for homeowners to choose the right roofing company for the job, and that’s where we come in. Hadley Roofing can install a skylight using high-quality materials and installation methods. To learn more, contact us today. 

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