Hadley Skylight Service & Installation

hadley skylight picSkylights are becoming more and more popular in Medford homes, both in new construction and for remodels. As a matter of fact, even many businesses in the area have begun to install them as a way to enhance the workplace. Hadley Roofing of Medford is the area expert when it comes to the proper installation, repair and maintenance of all different types of skylights and for good reason. Our trained and experienced technicians have been properly and safely installing skylights for many years and understand the importance of doing the job right. If you are thinking about having a skylight installed in your home or business, there are many different types to choose from and the friendly and helpful roofers of Hadley Roofing will be more than useful as you decide which one is the best for your needs and which is suitable for your specific roof.

• Fixed skylights are used for the sole purpose of letting more light into the room, as more natural light has numerous benefits of its own.
• Ventilating skylights not only allow more natural light into the space but also open up to allow more fresh air. They can also be used in rooms where excessive moisture can be a problem, such as bathrooms.
• Tubular skylights are useful in small rooms or spaces, where you simply need more light but would also like the benefits of decreasing energy bills.

There are multiple benefits achieved when you install one or more skylights in your Medford home or business, regardless of what type you choose. The three most common benefits to a skylight are the beauty it provides to a room, the health benefits of natural light and the energy efficiency that is achieved. Skylights automatically make any room of your home or business brighter and more open, creating a room that invites everyone into it. Having more natural light rather than artificial light is also healthier for everyone, helping your family recover from sickness faster and generating a space that is easier to read and learn in. Lastly, skylights help save money on your monthly bills by cutting down the need to run your heating system during fall and spring months. On top of that, it is good for the planet!

Skylights used to be a concern for Medford residents because of the possibility of leaks which can cause damage to your home and roof. As the installation process has been perfected, this is no longer a need for concern and the professionals at Hadley Roofing are proud of the quality work they perform, from install to repair and maintenance. Properly flashing a skylight where is meets the roof is the key to providing a skylight that will last for many years, remaining reliable and durable in the process. Whether you want to install a new skylight or have yours inspected for any necessary repairs, Hadley Roofing is the roofing company to rely on for all your skylight and roofing needs.