Spring Cleaning: Keeping Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

Spring is officially here in Oregon, and one of the most important parts of the springtime is making sure your roof is functioning properly. The winter months can take a toll on your roof, with snow and ice damaging your shingles, gutters, and skylights. Now that winter has finally melted away, getting a good idea of what shape your roof and gutters are in is extremely important for maintaining its overall structure.

What Are the Most Important Parts of Your Roof to Maintain?

The most important parts of your roof you need to maintain include:

  • Shingles. Damage to your shingles can range from very noticeable to completely hidden, and depending on how severe the damage is, you might begin to notice leaks or mold buildup before an inspection. The first step toward making sure your roof is intact is taking note of any signs of damage, then following up with a full roof inspection by a professional.
  • Gutters. Gutters are not the easiest to clean, especially with excess buildup and debris from leaves or other organic material. Cleaning out your gutters and ensuring the water flow throughout them is clear can help mitigate a whole host of problems that can arise from improper gutter drainage, saving you time and money from costly repairs.
  • Skylights. Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home, but making sure your skylights are properly sealed, as well as free from any damage caused by old winter storms, should be part of your spring cleaning routine. Scheduling routine maintenance can ensure your skylights are in good working order.

Before you start any renovations on your roof, finding the right roofing company to take on your roof issues is the most important first step. At Hadley Roofing, we provide only the best service for the communities of Medford, helping keep your roof in prime condition. For a consultation, contact us today. 

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