Springtime Roofing Problems

Spring is nearly here, and with it will rain, flowers, animals, and even some roofing problems. There are several things to look out for as the weather gets better, so here are a few common springtime roofing problems you might find yourself facing. 

Broken Shingles

Roof shingles are built to last and to defend your home, but that doesn’t make them indestructible. After a harsh winter, they can crack, curl, move out of place, and more.

Stuffed Gutters

Whether you’ve decided to skip cleaning your gutters in the winter or you live in an area with a lot of plant growth, your gutters are likely to get very full very quickly. When gutters get blocked with debris and snowmelt, it can lead to issues like roof leaks and mold. 

Water Damage

From melting ice to constant April showers, your roof will likely capture and hold onto moisture. This moisture can cause serious water damage over time, such as causing trapped plants to decompose or making a metal roof rust and corrode. 

Chimney Damage

Chimneys, whether used in the winter or not, can suffer heavily, especially if there are cracks or crevices in them. Water can get into these cracks and expand if it freezes, which can damage the very structure of the chimney. 

Nesting Animals

When it gets cold outside, animals need a warm place to stay; your roof might be their best option. When spring comes around, hibernation is over, and those pests will be out and about. From insects to rodents, all of these pests can cause damage to your roof, especially if they’ve managed to get into your attic.

Get in Touch With Us for Quality Roof Repair Services

No matter what damage your roof may have sustained over the winter, you should call a professional to fix everything this spring. Hadley Roofing is here to provide the people of Medford with reliable roofs, so contact us today to learn more.

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