The Benefits of Installing A Skylight

As we head into the cooler months of the year, most of the residents of Medford find themselves spending more and more time indoors. After all, lounging in the backyard doesn’t have quite the same charm when temperatures dip below 50 degrees. This excess time spent away from the sun can have an unfortunate effect on your mental state. Natural light is critical to helping your body regulate your sleep, relieving your eyes strain, and ensuring you have a healthy amount of Vitamin D. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get exposed to the same amount of natural light in the fall and winter. The solution: installing a skylight.

Depending on the layout of your home, there might be several areas that have no access to windows, limiting the amount of natural light you can enjoy. A well-placed skylight allows you to bring in large amounts of natural light to rooms that would otherwise remain in darkness. In addition to helping improve your health, there are a number of other benefits this addition can yield.

  1. Saving Energy

Natural light is necessary for a number of our bodily functions. However, it also has a more straightforward function: helping us see. With a skylight, you can cut down on the amount of electricity you use, saving large amounts of money and energy over time. Additionally, exposing areas of your home to the sun also helps to warm the space in the cooler months, lowering your heating bills in the process.

  1. Better Ventilation

If you choose to go with a ventilating skylight, then you can open it in the warmer months, allowing for better air circulation. This can help cool your home, as well as prevent the air from becoming stuffy or overly moist.

  1. Increasing Resale Value

Skylights are a powerful design choice. Depending on their placement and shape, they can add a much-needed focal element to an otherwise plain space. Adding this extra layer of class and sophistication can make a major difference in the resale value of your home.

At Hadley Roofing, we have a wide variety of skylights available to suit the needs of your home. Medford homes. We will find the style that works best for you.

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