The Best Roofs for Snow

When you live in a colder climate, you can expect snow to come every winter, and sometimes even as early as late October. This is true for life in Oregon, where keeping warm and safe every year is a necessity. Having a protective roof is part of that, so if you’re looking for a new roof and want to keep the snow at bay, here are your best options.


Not only are metal roofs simultaneously strong and lightweight, but they aren’t affected by snow or ice. The snow will slide off the smooth metal tiles, preventing it from sticking around and melting into any cracks or crevices. Even if the snow does stick, the metal is strong enough not to suffer under the weight, as shingle roofs can. The best part is that metal roofs don’t prevent your house from staying warm and will keep you cozy all year long.


Strong and beautiful, slate roofs are weather resistant and long-lasting. You won’t need to worry about the tiles breaking from the ice or falling off in a blizzard. Their only downside is their price. Due to how protective they are, they’re also more expensive, and won’t be a good choice if you’re looking for an inexpensive option for your roof.

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic shingles are durable and insulative, which makes them well-suited for snowy climates. They’re ranked at a Class 4 Impact Rating, which is the highest standard of durability for any product. You can resist the snow and wind while still staying warm if your house is made of synthetic shingles.

 Get Your Roof Replaced

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your roof in time for winter or want to replace it outright with one of these options, you should turn to the professionals. Hadley Roofing INC. is here to handle all of your roofing needs, from damage repair to installing a brand-new roof. Contact us today, and have a stronger roof for tomorrow. 

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