Trees and Your Roof

As anyone from Medford can tell you, trees are a majestic part of any neighborhood. The diverse array of trees gives the area character and beauty, not to mention a home to the many species of Oregon birds. However, sometimes trees can be your roof’s worst enemy. If there are many trees around your home, there are a few things you should be aware of to keep your home safe from disaster.

Keep the Gutters Clean

More trees around your home mean more leaves and debris will get caught up in the gutters. If there are a lot of trees in the surrounding area, it doesn’t hurt to check the gutters at least every few months. All the debris can build up until one powerful Oregon rainstorm can cause massive flooding in your house. It is better to be prepared than to have to deal with the water damage later.

Keep Branches Away From the Roof

 Trimming tree branches so that they are away from your roof can help prevent damage should they break. A good rule is to keep branches about 12 feet or so away from your roof. Anything closer has more of a potential to cause damage to the roof.

Remove Dead Trees

 If a tree is dead or close to dying, the time to remove it is now. Not only is a dying tree unsightly, if it topples over, but it will also damage anything in its path. Even if the tree is out of range of your house, it can still affect power lines or ruin gardens, or anything else in its path. It’s best to remove it instead of dealing with it when it has already fallen over.

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