Ways Commercial Roofing Can Differ From Residential

When someone thinks about roofs, they might not differentiate a commercial roof from a residential one. After all, both perform many of the same functions, such as protecting a building from rain and storm damage. However, commercial roofs are very different from residential roofs, and if someone is not aware of the differences, they may find their commercial business with faulty roof protection, leaks, and structural damage. Below are some key differences between commercial and residential roofs. 

The Size of the Building Affects the Design

The size of a commercial business building is often much larger than that of a residential one. This is especially true of warehouses. This will mean that there are factors that go into the structure of the roof that don’t need to be considered on residential properties. This will mean different slopes of the roof and often different materials. With all of the structural differences that need to be taken into consideration, it is important to consult a professional for your commercial roof installation. 

Commercial Roofs Must Be Able To Handle Items Sitting On Them

A residential home’s roof rarely has the need to handle items being placed on it. This is usually not so with commercial rooftops. The roof may need to hold up very heavy items such as large HVAC systems or hefty industrial pipes. The typical residential roof just isn’t made to deal with such materials on top of it. 

Many More Commercial Roofing Materials To Choose From

It might surprise a commercial business owner to learn that there are many more materials to choose from when constructing a commercial roof versus a residential one. A residential home often uses asphalt and cedar shake shingles, tiles, and slates. Commercial roofs are more likely to utilize tin, copper, galvanized steel, and aluminum, just to name a few. There are usually many more options for commercial roofing that specialize in functions unnecessary for residential homes. 

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