What Makes Roofs Leak

Leaking roofs are nothing new, but that doesn’t mean they’re nothing serious. When patching up a roof leak, you’ll need to understand where the leak came from in the first place. Here are a few common ways your roofs may start leaking.

Humans and Animals

Walking on your roof’s not inherently harmful, nor is it dangerous for some animals to stay up there occasionally. However, human carelessness or a stubborn and shelter-seeking critter can both result in roof damage, which then becomes a leak.

Damaged Seams

Your roof seam is where the roof tends to be weakest. This means that while they’re typically resistant to damage, they can break and allow water to get inside. 

Gutter Clogs

Your gutters play an important role in keeping water out of your house, but leaves and other forms of debris can easily clog them. When these gutters get clogged, the water has nowhere else to go and can leak into your home. 

Chimneys, Vents, and Skylights

If your chimney, vents, or skylights aren’t properly secured and sealed, they can lead to a leak. Check carefully for any chimney damage so that the issues don’t compound. Make sure your vents are properly sealed and undamaged. Finally, ensure that your skylight is installed properly.

Roof Age

Sometimes, the answer is as simple as the roof is old and has suffered from wear and tear, which can result in pieces breaking, falling off, or leaving behind large holes. That’s why it’s important to have your roof replaced when you can to avoid serious problems in the future. 

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