What to Expect With a Roof Replacement?

The average home will require a roof replacement every 20 years or so, depending on the roof’s construction, home type, and climate. These are some of the most significant repairs any homeowner can face, and it’s important to know what to expect.

Preparing for a Roof Replacement

It is best to schedule your roof replacement during warmer weather when the forecast is clear for several days in a row. This helps ensure there are no delays during your replacement project and will prevent any precipitation from damaging exposed areas of your home once workers remove the old roof. Depending on the timeframe the roofing company provides for your project, you may want to plan to stay somewhere else while the roof replacement is in progress.

Choosing Upgrades

You may love the look and style of your current roof, but be sure to explore your options when it comes to upgraded shingles, different materials, and unique environmental factors in your area. For example, if you live in a very rainy and humid climate you probably won’t want to choose metal roofing materials vulnerable to rusting. If you’re replacing the roof on an older home there are many varieties of shingles you can select for the most extensive roof protection.

Hire Professionals

It is always wise to check into any roofing company before agreeing to their services. Ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations and check customer reviews online before selecting a roofer for your replacement project.

Hadley Roofing has more than 40 years of experience with all types of roofing in Medford, OR, and we can help you determine the best material options and design choices for your new roof. We offer a full range of residential and commercial roofing services and provide no obligation estimates and transparent billing, so you can rest assured knowing you won’t face any hidden fees or surcharges.

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