Why You Should Install Skylights in Your Home

Have you considered installing skylights in your home but are currently on the fence? Here are the top three reasons to consider installing a skylight as a residential homeowner.

#1: It Helps Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

A skylight will provide you with a substantial glass area, giving more room for light to enter your home. In the long run, this can result in saving money on lighting bills, as you find yourself able to rely more on the sun to keep your home lit. 

#2: Over Time, You Can Expect a Skylight to Lead to Lower Energy Bills 

Skylights are capable of fully illuminating large areas within your home. Whenever you rely on artificial lighting, you run the risk of increasing your energy bills—even a slight decrease in your bills can make a difference over time. Skylights allow homeowners to cut down on energy bills and enjoy improved circulation throughout the home. Plus, if you consider the increase in UV energy entering your home, you can also cut down on heating expenses. Overall, a skylight is a long-term money saver.

#3: Bring a New and Refreshing Aesthetic Change to Your Home

Skylights are capable of providing your home with a significant change in aesthetic overall. Notably, this can work in your favor when determining the resale value of your home. If you have a skylight installed in your home, you can expect to give a higher asking price should you ever decide to sell your property. A skylight is a beautiful, attention-grabbing detail and will likely be noticed as soon as someone steps into your home. 

Are you in the Medford area and looking to install a skylight into your residential home? Consider the unmatched services of Hadley Roofing and contact us today. 

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