Winter Roof Cleaning Tips

There are still several more weeks of winter to go, and while you are likely diligent about shoveling the snow off your driveway and digging out your car, you may not consider your roof. Unfortunately, waiting until the snow melts in the spring isn’t a good idea, as allowing it to collect on the roof can cause problems down the line. Instead, you should try to clean your roof. Here’s how.

Practice Safety First

While roof work can always be daunting, it’s even more dangerous when the roof is covered in ice. Always remember to use safety gear and go slowly to avoid a fall. Wear waterproof boots and use a harness to keep yourself steady. 

Make It a Routine

You don’t need a set day and time to clean your roof, but you should be consistent and proactive about cleaning the snow off. A good rule of thumb is to clean your roof after every six inches of snowfall to prevent ice dams or 12 inches if you want to avoid a roof collapse.

Clear the Debris

Even if your only goal is to remove snow and ice, you’ll probably find other things, too. From damaged shingles to fallen leaves and tree branches, you should clear off what you can now so that it doesn’t worsen when the snow melts.

Use the Right Tools

Certain tools and products work well for traditional snow shoveling, but they could damage a roof. These items include metal shovels, which will scrape against the roof tiles, and road salt or similar, which can discolor your roof and damage the plants below.

Contact a Professional

If you need roof work this winter, it’s best to call a professional who has the right tools, experience, and skills for the job. From brushing away the snow to repairing shingles and patching leaks, Hadley Roofing can help. Contact us today to learn more

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