3 Materials Used For Rain-Gutter Systems

33637749_sWhether you are looking for a new water-diversion system for your home, or you are happy with the one that you have, it is essential to keep your gutters and downspouts cleaned and well-maintained all year around. Keep leaves, sticks, and debris from building up and causing clogs.

Also, make sure to evict any small animals or rodents that may have built their nests in your downspouts. During the cold weather, small animals look for shelter from the weather and your downspouts could have birds or other animals nesting in them. This will render your downspouts completely useless, and all water that is diverted from your gutters will overflow out of the downspout.

There are many materials that your gutters and downspouts can be made from. All of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. And, all of which very important to the overall health of your home. Water damage can cause all kinds of problems for your home including mildew, mold, and pest infestation. Insects like termites and wood ants prefer wood that is soft and water logged because it is easier for them to work through.

Your gutter system helps to prevent this water damage by diverting water. Here are some of the types of materials that your gutters could be made from:

  • Aluminum: It is right around the same price point as vinyl but, it does succumb to corrosion and rust with time. Aluminum is durable but, can be damaged by sticks and falling tree branches.
  • Vinyl: Very durable and easily installed. It is priced reasonably and very effective at diverting water. Both gutters and downspouts can be made from vinyl. This material will fade over time due to direct sunlight. But, again it can be painted which will give it a new luster.
  • Wood: Wood gutters are usually made from cedar and require a great deal of maintenance. These gutters are expensive and do not last as long as the other gutter materials available.

A big part of your home’s defense system against water damage is the gutter and downspout configuration around your roof. It might seem like the two are unrelated but, your downspouts and gutters are a very big part of keeping the foundation of your home dry.




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