3 Roofing Materials That Need Regular Inspection

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Now that the summer season is officially upon us, and the weather has heated up, it is a great time of year to get some little projects done around the house.


Small projects that can be completed in the early morning hours of a summer day when the weather is still cooler outside are a nice way to start the day, so that you can rest and enjoy the summer fun for the rest of the day!


Not to mention, spending the time to do these projects now, will get your home prepared for the fall and winter weather that is – unfortunately – just around the corner.


One of the most neglected areas of your home is your roof. Most people don’t think much of the roof on their home … until something is wrong. The roof of your home is outside and above your line of sight – why would you think about it!?


But, your roof is essential to the integrity of your home and the safety of you and your family – so it is important to make sure that it is properly maintained and well cared for.


Here are some of the top problems that your roof could have, so you know what to watch for:


  • Shingles. With time and wear, it is very common for the shingles of your roof to become damaged and even to get ripped off of the roof. The shingles are an essential part of the structure of your roof, so it is important that missing or damaged ones be replaced right away.
  • Gutter. The gutter for your roof is not just part of the aesthetics. It is actually a very important part of the drainage system for your home and protecting the foundation and subfloor from flooding. If your gutter system is damaged or clogged – you could be facing severe water damage this winter.
  • Flashing. This is the roofing material that is used around the skylights, vents, fireplace, etc. Any additions to your roof that require cutting a hole in the roof, need to be sealed with flashing. And, if the flashing is damaged or missing – then your roof could wind up leaking.


Use these last weeks of summer to make sure that your roof is ready for the fall and winter seasons. A visual inspection of your roof is a good place to start, and before the weather turns cold – make sure to have a professional come and inspect your roof.


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