3 Tips For Installing Holiday Lights On Your Roof

15035785_sMany people like to install lights on the outside of their homes this time of year. Adding inflatables to the yard, a wreath on the front door, and some twinkling lights around the exterior can add some charm and cheer that bring the holiday ambiance to your home.

The installation of lights on the inside of the home comes with a set of safety tips, and the outside is no different. In fact, installing lights around the outside of the home takes special care because it requires the use of an extension cord and a ladder.

Whether you are installing a single strand of lights around the roof line of your home, or you are installing a whole group of lights that will flash to the beat of your favorite holiday song, make sure you follow these safety tips for keeping your project on track and yourself injury-free:

  • Be prepared. Before you being your installation, make sure that you have proper shoes with good tread on them and gloves that fit well and give you a good range of motion. The weather is cold and slippery and being on a ladder without the proper foot or hand wear can be fairly dangerous.
  • Pull all of the strands of lights out that you plan to work with and make sure that they are all unwound and without any damage. During the off season these lights are typically stored in the garage or shop, and could have been damaged by chewing rodents. When you are not using your outside lights, it is best to store them in a plastic storage tub with a lid. Check the plug on each strand to make sure that it is not damaged or pulled away from the cord. Make sure the protective outer sheath of the cord is in good shape.
  • Pick the extension cord that you will be using to plug the lights into your outdoor electrical plug and make sure it is in good condition. This cord should be left on the ground near the electrical outlet that it will be plugged into but, do not install your lights while they are plugged in.

Safety first is an important tip all year around, but especially when you are working with electricity on a ladder. Make sure that all of your equipment is in top condition before you begin climbing the ladder with it and installing.

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