3 Tips For Preventing Water Damage To Your Flat Roof

39337284_sThere are several different styles of homes. Some are very modern and angular while others are more homey and craftsman looking. With each style of home comes a complimenting style of roof. The roof on your home is designed both for aesthetics and function.

In fact, the roof on your home helps to prevent damage to your home by using gravity to move water and snow melt off of your roof. However, some homes have flat roof or portions of the home have a flat roof, while others have a pitched or sloped roof.

If your home has a flat roof, you may have some concerns during this time of year about moisture pooling or collecting on your flat roof. Without a slope, gravity can’t move the water off of your roof and instead it causes puddles on the flat surface.

However, if you practice the following fall maintenance tips for your roof, you won’t have to worry about the extra moisture:

  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clean. With the leaves falling this time of year and the extra winds, it is normal for the gutters and downspouts around your roof to become clogged with the debris. However, it is imperative that you clean them out as this is your roof’s first line of defense against flooding. The gutters collect the water during rainstorms and then funnel it to the downspouts where it is directed away from your home. If your gutters are filled with debris, the water will gather in the gutters and then spill out onto your roof.
  • Keep the flashing on your roof in good condition. When your roof is installed, holes are cut to make room for skylights, chimneys, and ventilation fans. Then, a roofing material called flashing is installed around each of these areas to seal the protrusion to the roof and prevent water or anything else from getting into the roof. If the flashing is damaged, missing, or has gaps then, water will easily get into the roof and cause damage
  • Keep your roof inspected. At least one time per year, your roof needs to be inspected by a professional roofing contractor. This ensures that any areas of concern are identified and then repaired before they turn into major problems.

Have no fear if you have a flat roof. While there is more of a chance of water pooling, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is inevitable for damage to occur. Follow these simple maintenance tips and keep your flat roof protected.

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