4 Important Areas Of Roof Maintenance

37737821_sThere are still some hot days of summer break left and most people are thinking about that final push to get outdoors and have some fun before the cool weather sets in. It is safe to say that very few people are thinking about getting outside and climbing up on their roof to make sure it is ready for the cool weather, but that is what is recommended this time of year.

The roof of your house and is completely out of your line of sight, but the out of sight – out of mind approach doesn’t work. In fact, ignoring your roof will lead to serious problems and expensive repairs. Pick a day this month, and schedule a professional roof inspection to make sure that your roof is in top shape and ready to weather …. the Fall weather.

Here are some areas to pay attention to when it comes to roof maintenance:

  • The gutters on your home are a safety feature that are designed to carry water away from the foundation of your house and make sure that the basement or crawl space does not get flooded. Keeping them clean and clear of debris and leaves is essential to them being able to do their job. Keep downspouts clear of piles of leaves, overgrown shrubs, and any outdoor equipment that might be floating around.
  • When shingles are coming the end of their life expectancy they will begin to curl up buckle. This is a good sign that it is time to have them replaced or, you might be looking at a roof leak.
  • Loose roofing materials. If you have a chimney pay special attention to the area around it. The roofing materials should be without damage and flush to create a good seal or, the area could begin to leak and rot.
  • Any time that you need to replace roofing materials, talk with your professional roofer about options for energy-efficient products that will help to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce utility bills.

While there are still plenty of days left of summer, it is never too early to be prepared for the bad weather – especially when it comes to your roof. Make sure to have your roof professionally inspected before those wind storms, and heavy rains start coming down.

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