4 Steps To Protecting Your Roof From Winter Weather Damage

32407520_sThis is the time of year when most homeowners are keeping an eye on the trees around their home and the weather report. Severe weather can easily come through and cause serious damage to your home, and specifically to the roof of your home.

While each season brings its own weather patterns that can be harmful to your roof, the winter months and weather are likely the most damaging. This is especially true if homeowners don’t take any precautions to prevent damage or wear and tear.

Leaks are a big concern during the winter months, because of the amount of rain and even snow that comes during this season. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to protect your roof and roofing materials from developing a leak.

Here are just a few preventative measure you can take to keep your roof from succumbing to a leak:

  • Watch the trees around your home. If you have trees that have branches that are hanging over your roof or, near windows, make sure to have these branches trimmed back and kept manicured. A low-hanging tree branch could easily give way from the tree and land on your roof, causing punctures and damage.
  • Keep your roof cleaned all year around. Debris that is left on the roof is the leading cause of damage and leaks in all roofs. It is important to remove leaves, sticks, and branches from the roof of your home when they accumulate.
  • Keep your gutters clean. During the winter months it is not unusual for the water and debris in your gutters to freeze together into a huge clog. While it does thaw over time, the clog will cause a flood of water to splash over onto your roof during the next rain.
  • Keep your attic properly insulated. This helps to combat against the fluctuation of temperatures and keeps it consistent. This helps to prevent unnecessary wear and tear from creating damage to your roof and roofing materials.

The roof on your home is an essential part for protecting against severe – and expensive – damage due to weather. During the winter months it is especially important to prevent against moisture and leaks. Make sure to follow these tips for keeping your roof from developing a leak this winter.

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