5 Signs Your Roof Needs Maintenance

33637749_sThe spring season is the perfect time of year to get all of your home improvement projects out of the way. The weather is mild enough that you aren’t dealing with harsh temperatures and, when you get all of your projects done in the spring, you have plenty of time for fun activities in the summer.

Some spring projects are very simple like, cleaning out the attic or organizing the pantry to avoid pests over the summer. And, other spring projects are complicated like having a new deck installed or relocating trees in the yard to provide more shade over the sliding glass door.

And, other spring projects are completely unplanned and unexpected like, putting a new roof on the house. This is one of those projects that is very stressful and, if you didn’t plan for it, the cost can be frustrating.

There are many signs that your roof gives that mean trouble, you just have to know what to look for. Here are just a few examples:

  • While you’re falling asleep and the house is quiet, if you hear your roof creaking, popping, rumbling, or making any other kinds of noises – you should call a professional roofing contractor and have it inspected.
  • If the asphalt shingle roof on your home is nearing or has already passed it’s 20th birthday, you should have it inspected.
  • If there are shingles that are curling, missing, buckling or looking smooth instead of textured (a sign they are losing granules) then you probably need a new roof and should definitely schedule an inspection.
  • If you look at your roof and notice that there are obvious spots where the shingles are missing or the roof is sagging or dipping a little, then you definitely want to have it looked it.
  • If you have a chimney, and the flashing around it is missing, dislocated, or shows any other signs of damage – you need to have it looked at right away. The flashing is designed to seal the area around the chimney so that water, pests, and debris can’t get in.

It is important to tune-in to your roof after the harsh winter temperatures. It is much better to have a new roof put on during the spring or summer than to find a leak in the winter and have it be an emergency situation.


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