6 Reasons Rain Gutters Are Essential

32407520_sAs a homeowner you always have things on the back of your mind like how the roof is holding up and how many years before the carpet needs to be replaced. However, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to the status of their rain gutters. Unfortunately, ignoring these important components of your drain system could lead to extensive water damage and costly repairs.

The rain gutters on your home are attached to the building at the base of the roof line. The design is meant to catch all of the water that runs down the roof and then divert it through downspouts and away from the foundation of your home. Without rain gutters the rain would begin to collect around the foundation of your home and flood underneath the foundation. Rain gutters protect your home from:

Flooding inside of your home and in your basement

Damaged and/or cracked foundation

Pest infestations. Anytime there is water damage, wood rot, or excessive moisture your home is at risk for infestations of mosquitos, termites, ants, and other pests that could cause significant damage to the structure of your home.

Mold and mildew. These fungi require a moisture rich environment in order to grow and spread. Without properly working rain gutters your home becomes that environment and you and your family could be at risk for respiration infections.

Erosion. When heavy rains begin to fall the rain gutters on your home divert the water away in a specific routing pattern. This pattern is meant to protect the topsoil around your home, which protects the foundation of your home. If erosion of this topsoil occurs, your home’s plumbing system could be at risk for damage due to sagging, soil shifting, and broken pipes.

Damage. The exterior of your home is the first impression that people make when they come to your house. If the paint is damaged or, there is rotting or rusting due to water damage the curb appeal of your home is dramatically impacted.

Your rain gutters should be cleaned two times per year in spring and fall. This regular maintenance prevents any major clogs in the gutters, which could prevent them from working properly leading to flooding and water damage.

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