Advancements in Roofing Technology

Hadley Home PicAlthough the roofs of today’s houses look pretty much the same as they did several decades ago, there are a lot of innovation and technology that went into developing better roofs for houses and establishments.  These advancements in roofing technology take form in different ways especially, in the kinds of materials used.

For instance, shingles nowadays are manufactured using fibreglass instead of the traditional wood or clay, although these two may still be found in hardware stores today. Using the new fibreglass technology, manufacturers were able to create shingles that lasted longer and offered better protection than usual. They are more resistant to warping, curling and breaking, and thus takes a longer time to deteriorate and delays the need for replacement.

Another innovation is that most roofing materials nowadays are generally lighter as compared to their predecessors. Take the case of fiber cement composite tiles. These tiles are made from a mixture of concrete, clay and wood fiber. Since they are lighter, they do not burden the house with excess weight like in the case of slate roofing materials or clay and cement. In addition, fiber cement composite tiles are prepped and treated to be fireproof, and thus offer additional protection for the structure.

The latest roofing technology has given birth to a kind of roof that is designed to withstand hurricanes and preserve the structure and the lives of the people living there. These type of advanced roofing, the brainchild of engineers Tripp Shenton and Richard Wool does not only offer better resistance to strong winds and calamities, but are also made from renewable sources which makes it eco-friendly as well.

As we can see, roofing technology has truly evolved by leaps and bounds as compared to roofing materials and designs decades ago. These innovations and improvements may still not be popular and familiar among many homeowners, but their benefits are just too compelling that it will be difficult to ignore them for long. Thanks to the brilliant minds of today, we are able to better enjoy, save on expenses and feel safe under the protection of our roofs.

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