Are there benefits of Roofing in The Rain?

The Benefits of Roofing in the Rain

roofing-in-the-rainMany people say that the rainy season or winter season is never a good time for roofing activities. It is wet, cold, and there is snow and ice. Well, that may be true, but nobody said it could not be done. In fact, having your roof done during those seasons may prove to be beneficial.

First, having your roof done during the rainy or winter season will not cost you as much as it would in summer. Because of the low demand during these seasons, roof installation companies will often lower their prices in order to attract customers and stay ahead of the competition. You may even get a lower price if you are good at negotiating.

In addition, roof installation companies have a lot of free time during off-peak seasons, so you do not need to be on the waiting list. They fit you in their schedule easily and can attend to your needs immediately.

Having your roof done during the rainy months or winter months also helps to protect your roof. The temperature and weather helps to preserve the moisture in the roof shingles, especially asphalt shingles. Because of the temperature, the asphalt does not expand and chafe easily. They are also less likely to dry up and flake, and are able better to handle the worker’s boots when stepped on.

Another benefit is that it will not cause a lot of damage to your lawn. Since everything in your front lawn, garden or backyard is frozen or covered in snow, you do not have to worry about your grass, flowers, and shrubs from damage caused by falling roof debris.

If you are worried about the sealants not working, do not be. The reason why sealants work quickly in the summer is because of the extreme heat that quickly dries the material. During winter, the temperature is lower, but thanks to the house heating systems, the roof tends to be at least 10 degrees or higher warmer than the outside temperature. This should facilitate the drying process, and although it is not fast as in summer, it will stick.

There are benefits for having your roof done in the winter, but it should be done with care. You should also choose a reputable roof installation company, one who has experienced working with roofs during the rainy or winter season. Hadley Roofing is your premiere choice for all things roofing related in Oregon!

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