Best Eco-friendly Roofing Materials/Products

eco friendlyThe movement towards a more environment friendly home encouraged manufacturers to create better roofing materials – more because of the impact that an energy efficient roof can have in a home. Knowing the benefits that can be had from such types of roofs, many homeowners and developers have started considering having one installed, and when it comes to eco-friendly roofing materials, the options available for you to choose from can range widely. Some of the most popular choices though, have always been the following.

Recycled Shingles
Recycled shingles are great choices for homeowners who are looking to add a traditional look to their homes. Because they are made from recyclable materials like wood, rubber, or plastic, they help to reduce the amount of household and industrial waste materials as well as the carbon imprints left behind by the manufacturing process. Furthermore, because they are very durable, they can minimize the need for constant roofing material replacement, and thus help you save money in the long run.

Slate and Clay Tiles
Slate and clay tiles are made from natural materials, so when they wear out, they go back to their organic state. Thus, there is no waste material that is left to add to the waste pollution when they are no longer usable. Aside from this, slate and lay tiles are also great choices because not only do they look good, but they can also last for a almost a hundred years.

Rubber Shingles
Rubber shingles are made using old tires, which then reduces the amount of rubber rubbish that goes to the dumps. In order to make them more appealing and a tad sturdier, they are reinforced with ground slate. They can stand well against most of the elements including hail and other extreme weather elements.

Single-ply Thermoset
Single-ply thermoset are made from oil and natural gas, which are then cured and bonded to make roofing materials. Although they are generally black, some manufacturers can make them in white colors, which is great as far as cooling effects are concerned. Aside from that, they are also good insulators which keep the heat inside your homes during winter months so you don’t have to fire up the heating system all the time making them very energy efficient.
Choosing an eco-friendly roof is always a great idea. You get to help the environment and at the same time make sure that you are well-protected from the elements, not to mention that you get a good-looking house, too.

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