Chimney Maintenance For Fall

41237234_sNow that the summer season has passed and the weather is getting colder at night, it is time to start preparing your fireplace for use. A fireplace is a great way to heat your home economically, and it creates a cozy ambiance for relaxing after a long, cold day.

However, if your flue and chimney are not properly maintained, a fireplace can actually be quite dangerous for you and your family. Here are some considerations for you to keep in mind when scheduling maintenance for your chimney:

  • During the spring and summer months, when the weather is warmer and it is not necessary to have a fire, it is not unusual for blockages of debris and leaves to build up in your flue. These blockages can ignite when you start your first fire of the cold weather season, causing serious damage and even traveling into your attic or your roof. It is essential to have your flue cleaned this time of year before starting a fire for warmth.
  • When you burn a fire in your fireplace or wood stove, the gasses that travel up the flue or chimney will leave deposits of creosote buildup on the inside walls. This buildup is highly combustible and will ignite from the sparks of your fire. Having your chimney or flue cleaned during the fall is essential to clearing out this dangerous buildup.
  • The inside of your flue and chimney can become damaged over time. This damage can come in the form of cracks and holes as a result of the corrosive and combustible creosote buildup. When your chimney or flue have holes or cracks in them, dangerous gasses that are a by-product of burning a fire in your fireplace. These gasses can cause a life-threatening situation for you and your family if left undetected.
  • The outside of your chimney and flue are just as important to keep maintained as the inside. For instance the crown and cap of your chimney work to keep out rain, debris, and animals from getting inside of the chimney and then inside of your home. Contact your professional roofing service for outside chimney and flue maintenance.

Now is the time of year to have a professional chimney technician as well as a professional roofing technician come to your home for fireplace maintenance. These are important steps to ensure the warmth and the safety of your family during the cold weather.

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