Common Roof Problems and the Approximate Cost of Each

Hadley Home PicThere are various roof problems that homeowners encounter over the years. More often than not, these roof problems are not easily seen and noticed, unless you go up your roof every day, when you do start noticing they can either be too difficult or expensive to repair. Thus, spotting roof problems in its early stages will help you the cost of a complete roof change.

Common Roof Problems

Some of the most common roof problems experienced by homeowners include:

  • Roof leaks and moisture – This is one of those roof problems which can be easily remedied with the help of sealants. Before this though, you need to find where the leaks originates. Leaks can be a very big problem because they are often the cause of rotting.
  • Blow-offs and Billowing – These problems are often caused by improperly installed flashing. These are characterized by open seams and laps and results in blow-offs.
  • Punctures – Punctures happen when sharp and heavy objects like tree limbs penetrate and are embedded on the roof. This particular problem also happens when the roof is weak and there is heavy foot traffic.

The Costs

So how much will it cost to have these damages repaired? Actually, it will depend on a variety of factors including the labor charge and the extent of the damage to be repaired. However, to give you a rough estimate so you wouldn’t be surprised when the bill arrives, you can check the following approximations below.

  • Materials – Plywood ($20), Shingles ($100/100 sq. ft), Roofing Nails ($50), Sealants and Roof Cements ($20)
  • Labor – Between $50 – $100 dollars an hour. Depending on the extent of the damage, the work can take anywhere between one day or a month to finish.

Having your roof repaired can be a very expensive undertaking, and so you would want to help maximize its lifespan as much as you possibly can. You can do this by ensuring that the roofing materials are properly installed by your carpenter or roof expert, and that constant and regular maintenance is observed.




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