Common Roof Ventilation Issues

roof-ventilationProper roof ventilation is important because it can greatly affect the function and lifespan of your roof. Neglecting proper roof ventilation will surely cause different roofing problems that will result in expensive repairs or replacement. An improperly ventilated roofing system generally results in the following issues and problems.

Roofs with poor ventilation promote humidity and it is this that causes the growth and development of mold and mildew in the roof and attic. Overtime, these can spread throughout the other parts of the attic as more and more moisture gets trapped inside. They can even spread onto the different items in the attic (e.g. boxes) and cause health problems when inhaled.

Another common issue with poor roof ventilation is the deterioration of the roofing system. Rust can form on the metal beams, nails, screws, and others causing them to weaken their hold and crumble. In addition, the wooden roof decking will start to accumulate moisture and become wet, and since there is poor ventilation and they are not hit by direct sunlight, they don’t dry up causing them to become spongy and weak. Shingles on the outside can also be affected, as the wet-dry cycle causes them to warp, curl, and crack.

During winter, poor roof ventilation will result in ice dams and frost build up. Ice dams can trap the melted water instead of letting them drop to the gutter or the edges of the roof. The water then will have nowhere to go, and can either be absorbed by the wooden shingles, or seep inside the cracks and enter the house, ruining the decking and everything else it passes through. When these happens, there will be frost build up inside your attic, when heated by the house’s heating system or by the sun, will melt, drip and form water stains on the floor and the ceiling under it.

If you see any of these problems, it is best to consult a roofing expert immediately to fix your roof ventilation. Doing so will help to intervene with the problems and keep them from getting worse.

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