Does Weather Really Damage My Roof?

Weather Damaged RoofDifferent types of weather can certainly damage any kind of roof.  This is why the climate and weather patterns of your region should always be taken into consideration when deciding on a roofing material.  For example, homes in sunny California can handle roofs that are not as sturdy as areas in Minnesota that receive tons of snow in the winter time. Rain can cause damage to a roof, mostly when it is not sealed correctly.  This holds true to not only your roof but also any other elements on your roof, such as your chimney and skylights.

Weather damage is one of the most important reasons to have your roof inspected routinely, so that small tears or issues can be repaired before damage to the home occurs. Hail can also wreak havoc on certain types of roofing.  Hail damage often looks like a bruise on your roof, where the material has become discolored because of the force that happened when the hail hit the roof.  Hail hitting the roof can cause the materials to then chip away or bubble, especially during continuing rain and wind.

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