Facts About Attic Ventilation

23253193_sVery few homeowners venture into the attic space in their homes. While some attics are finished and accessible through a door in the home, most are just the space above the ceiling and below the roof. In either case, proper ventilation of the attic is important to keep moisture levels low and reduce the chances of mold infestation. Not to mention how important proper attic ventilation is to the health and security of your home’s roof.

Here are some facts you should know about attic ventilation:

The more the better. While some people might think more attic ventilation is better than less, the truth is just the right attic ventilation is best. Too little ventilation and your attic will begin to condensate due to high moisture levels, which will lead to mold growth and pest infestation. During the summer months an attic that is insufficiently ventilated will cause a decrease in energy-efficiency in the home and you will notice that it is difficult to keep the home cool. Too much ventilation could lead to cracks and leaks in the seams of the vents and leave a space for critters to climb inside and nest in your attic. Talk to a professional about how much ventilation is right for your home.

Roof vents. Most people believe that the purpose of roof vents is to reduce the heat trapped in the attic during the summer months and improve the overall energy-efficiency of the home. However, things like shingle color and insulation are far more effective at diverting heat and they are much lower risk solutions. Conversely, a lot of people believe that during the winter months roof vents are allowing heat from their home to escape because heat rises. The fact is, if you’re worried about heat escaping from your home then you should have the insulation in your attic and roof inspected. Better insulation is the better way to keep a home cool in the hot weather and hot in the cool weather.

Attic ventilation is not something that most people have top of mind. But, as the spring season ticks away and summer is just around the corner this is a good time to have your roof looked at to see if there is proper ventilation in your attic.

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