Facts About Metal Roofing

4964647_sIf you are in the market for a new roof and are considering metal roofing, it is important to consider both the pros and cons of this decision. There several materials that you could choose for your roof and metal is just one of them. Some of the other more common roofing materials include wood, asphalt, and tile. Metal exceeds these materials in several areas including:

Metal lasts longer. If a metal roof is properly installed it should last just as long as the house. A metal roof is very effective at keeping water out and protecting the home from heavy snow and high winds. Metal will not succumb to water damage, fire, termites, or rot.

Metal is lighter. Tile roofing weighs nearly 750lbs per square and concrete can weigh up to 900lbs. But, metal roofing is lightweight with most variety only weighing 150lbs per square.

Metal is easy to install. In some cases, metal roofing can be installed over existing roofing material. This eliminates the extra labor and expense.

Metal is Fire resistant. Metal roofs are non-combustible and come with a Class A rating, which is the highest possible.

Metal reflects heat. If you have a metal roof installed you can expect to see a smaller utility bill each month. This is because a metal roof will reflect the heat from the sun, reducing the amount that your air conditioner needs to be used.

Metal is versatile. Metal roofing comes in sheets and most of these sheets can be augmented to install easily on roofs that are slightly pitched, without creating the potential for leaks.

Metal is durable. The surface of metal roofing is slippery and hard, making it highly weather resistant.

Some of the drawbacks to having a metal roof installed are:

Cost. The biggest drawback by far is the initial cost. While metal roofing runs up to $600 per square, the idea is that due to the long-term durability of metal you will recoup that cost over the years in less maintenance and reduced utility bills.

Noise. While some people enjoy the sound of rain on a metal roof, others find it disruptive and annoying. If you are someone who does not enjoy the sound of rain then a metal roof is not for you.

Denting. Metal roofs are extremely effective at deterring all kinds of weather and protecting the home. However, this is not without some sacrifice as metal roofs are vulnerable to denting from hailstorms.

If you are considering a metal roof for you home, carefully weigh the pros and cons. A new roof is an expensive investment regardless of the material you choose and it is important that you like it.

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