How Can I Get My Roof Ready For Spring?

18035936_sSpring is definitely in the air inspiring many people to pull back the curtains and invite the sunshine in. After having your home locked down during the cold winter months, it is time to think about giving your home some time and attention to prepare for the hot summer days. For many people this means cleaning out clutter, organizing the stacks and piles that have accumulated, and giving each nook and cranny a deep cleaning.

However, there are projects outside of your home that need doing also. The spring season is known for heavy rains so it’s important to make sure that your home’s roof made it through the winter without damage and is ready for the spring rains.

Here are some things that you can look for to see if your roof needs professional attention:

  • Check around the flashing to make sure the caulking is not cracked or missing
  • Check the flashing for signs of rust
  • Check the shingles on the roof for any signs of moss growing
  • Check the roof shingles for buckling, curling, or cracking
  • Check the area around the chimney for signs of excessive wear or damage

Some of the best ways that you can protect your roof from damage are:

  1. Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees so that branches do not hang over the roof. During winter storms when there are high winds it is possible for these branches to break away from the tree trunk and land on your roof. Also, twigs and sticks from bushes and shrubs will scratch and damage shingles.
  2. Keep the gutters and downspouts around your home clean. This is an on-going project and one that no one likes to do. However, it is essential to keep water from pool on your roof or backing up and flooding. In remote areas where it is more likely to have a lot of tall trees on the property this task is going to be much more involved. However, regardless of where your home is located, cleaning out the gutters is an essential part of protecting your roof.

After the unforgiving weather of the winter has passed take some time to check around your home and make sure it is ready to handle the spring rains. Water damage not only ruins parts of the structure of your home but, it also encourages mold and mildew growth, which can cause additional damage.


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