How Much Will A New Roof Cost?

27776025_sSummer time is here and that means making the most of the extra hours of sunlight every day. For some, that means staying out on the lake or the river a little bit longer, and for others that means packing in some extra home improvement projects. For the roofing industry, summer is the busiest time of the year. There are many reasons for this but, being the favorite time of year for installing and repairing roofs means that materials are at a higher demand. Here are some other considerations that will affect the cost of your roofing project:

Size. This is an obvious reason for the cost of your roofing project to vary. If there is more square footage to cover, then the materials and the labor are going to be more expensive. To figure the size of your project, roofers will take a measurement of your roof and then divide it by 100, which equals what is called a roofing square. This is the increment that your roofing materials are sold and purchased by. In other words, five roofing squares of shingles, etc.

Slope. You wouldn’t think that the slope of your roof would have much to do with the cost of the work, but, if the slope or pitch of your roof is very steep, most roofers will use additional staging for doing the work rather than trying to walk on it. Additionally, there may be extra labor required to work on a steep or, and more safety considerations – all of which add to the cost. Also, the pitch of the roof affects the type of fire rating, which determines the materials that are used. If the materials required for the designated fire rating are more expensive, there is no way around this.

Layers. If there are many layers of roofing materials that need to be removed, the amount of time that the project takes and the amount of labor needed are going to be more. Also, if the materials that the roof is made from are particularly heavy or, if they require special disposal technique, this will all play a part in the overall cost estimate.

Having a new roof put on your home this summer can be a great improvement to the value of your house, however, keep this considerations in mind when you are thinking about budget for the project.

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