Keep An Eye On Your Skylights This Month

38385035_sOn February 2, Punxsutawney Phil reported that we should expect an early spring. This is great news for people who are itching to get outside and work in the garden or do some yard work.

But, if you have skylights on your home, you might be a little nervous about the early spring – and, the spring showers that go a long with it.

Skylights are a great way to bring some natural light into a home that otherwise would be pretty dark and dreary. Natural light has been proven to help with sadness and depression during the winter months, so having skylights on your home can bring in as much natural light as possible from outside.

But, having skylights also means making sure that your roof is in top shape to keep the leaks out. When a skylight is installed, a hole essentially has to be cut into your roof. This hole is then professionally and securely seal up, to prevent any leaks from getting through.

Here are just a few things that you can do to make sure that your skylight is properly sealed up and, your roof is protected from leaks:

  • Keep the moisture in your house at an optimal level. If your home is too humid, the excess moisture will collect on the glass of your skylights as condensation, and will develop as water droplets. Make sure that the moisture level in your home is not higher than 70%. You can purchase a moisture meter from any home improvement store.
  • Keep your gutters clear. If your gutters get blocked by leaves, the water that collects will flood over the sides and onto your roof. If water is developing in puddles on the roof of you home, it has more of a chance to develop into a leak.
  • Keep your roof clean. Things like sticks and twigs can puncture your roof and roofing materials, which could damage the sealant of your skylight. Keep your roof clear of this debris as much as possible to prevent this damage.

As with anything, making sure that the materials around the skylight are in good condition and are water-tight is a year around job. And, essential to preventing leaks and water damage during the wet weather months. Keep an eye on your skylight in the next few weeks, and look for signs of damage so you can have them repaired before the spring showers.


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