Protect Your Roof From Cold Weather Damage With These Tips

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The long days of summer are gone and we are slowly starting to see some signs of the fall arrive. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing colors, and school is officially back in session.


Now is the time of year when most homeowners start to work on putting their summer activities away to get ready for the winter.


This can include things like storing the lawnmower, taking down the hammock, and even cleaning and cover the barbeque grill.


However, there are some other things that you should be adding to your list of things to-do so that your home is ready for the winter weather.


Most importantly, get your roof ready for the winter weather. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your roof is in good shape for the winter season:


  • Check for pests in your attic, chimney, and around your skylights. This can usually be done by doing a visual inspection from the ground. However, if you see anything out of the ordinary that needs further inspection, it is a good idea to climb a ladder and check things out a bit closer.
  • Get your gutters cleaned out and ready for the winter. This is a fairly simple task and is made much easier by laying down a sheet of plastic to scoop all of the debris, leaves, and sticks onto. This way you are not trying to balance and juggle a bucket on the ladder.
  • Use a leaf blower or broom to get all of the debris and fallen leaves off of the roof of your home. This will ensure that the gutters do not get filled with junk after you have just cleaned them out.


Use these few months of mild fall weather to make sure that your home is ready for the harsh weather of the winter. The winter months bring with them a lot of wind, rain, and freezing temperatures.


These are all weather patterns that you want kept outside and not allowed into your home through a leak in the roof. Call your local roofing contractor to schedule a professional inspection of your roof.

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