Roof Cleaning 101: What You Need to Know

img110“Out of sight, out of mind.” This is basically what happens to most homeowners when it comes to their roofs. Since they don’t see the dirt that accumulated in their roofs, they seldom think about cleaning it or having it cleaned. However, if you want your roof to perform its function well into the years, and keep its appearance at the same time, then you should pay more attention to cleaning it.

Common Roof Dirt
One of the things that makes your roof dirty is the growth of moss, algae and fungus. This is mainly due to the type of roofing materials you have and several environmental factors.
Moss, algae and fungus only need a few things to grow: water and food. In this case, the water comes from moisture trapped in the roofing material, especially in those parts shaded by trees and not hit by direct sunlight. As for food, your wood shingles, and the limestone plaster used to patch and line the roof is enough. When not cleaned, they will eventually spread all over the roof and damage it.

Another common problem with roofs is the accumulation of dried leaves and dead twigs, either blown by the wind there or fell from the overhanging tree branch. In some cases, wet leaves that dry up stick to the roof, but more often than not, they get washed down into the gutter. When that happens, the gutter gets clogged and does not allow the water to pass.

Cleaning Your Roof DIY Style
If you’ve got a ladder and are not afraid of heights, then you can basically go up and clean your roof yourself. A scrub, roof cleaning detergent and water should be enough to remove the dirt and fungus up there. When you’ve scrubbed the dirty area, you can hose it down with water (be careful not to slip) and let the dirt fall over the sides or to the gutter.

Professional Roof Cleaners
If the dirt and stain cannot be removed, you should call in the experts. Sometimes, to properly and safely clean your roof and make it spic and span, special equipment and agents are needed, and these cannot be bought from the hardware store. However, be sure to choose your roof cleaners carefully. Ask for referrals and portfolios to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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