Is Your Roof Ready For Summer Storms?

18867047 - rememberMost people think of the summer months as being a time for fun in the sun and playing outdoors in the water. And, for the most part, that’s absolutely right. However, it is not unusual for the summer months to also be riddled with storms.


Often, because of the heat during the summer months the storms are violent with lightning and thunder and heavy rain. While this can make for a fun show – if you’re into watching storms – it can also be a little bit frightening.


It can also be very damaging to your roof – especially if you haven’t had it inspected since the storms of the winter months. With summer storms on the forecast over the next few months, make sure that your roof is ready to weather the storm by following these tips for summertime roofing maintenance:


  • Carefully climb a ladder and inspect your roof. Just take a look at the surface of it. Are there any obvious signs of damage? Are there broken or missing shingles? If so, the rain will find its way into the cracks where those shingles are damaged and cause serious water damage. Also, if the storm includes high winds, those shingles could be completely ripped from your roof.
  • Take a look at the gutters. Are they in good shape? Do they need to be repaired? Are they clean? The summer storms will bring high winds and that means a lot of water and debris will be moving through your rain gutters. Make sure to have a clean slate by having your rain gutters cleaned now before a storm arrives.
  • If there are trees that hang over your home, have the limbs pruned and cleaned up. A gust of heavy wind during a summertime rain storm could cause an overhanging limb to fall down onto your home.


Make sure that you and your home are prepared for those pesky summertime storms by following these tips for roofing maintenance. Your summer fun in the sun will be better for it!

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