Safety Tips For Your Fall Roofing Projects

38167837_sDuring the fall season many homeowners are busily getting the last few chores done before the cold temperatures of winter arrive. Things like, pulling cold weather gear out of the garage, storing the lawn mower and garden hoses, cleaning the gutters out, and hanging lights.

These last two tasks are especially dangerous because they involve getting up on the roof, plus electricity. Anytime that you are adding a great height with the use of electricity it is especially important to be safe and thoughtful of each step.

Cleaning out the gutters is made much easier using a leaf blower to move the large pieces of debris away before having to dig in. And, hanging lights up around the perimeter of your roof is a fun and festive tasks that adds some sparkle to your home. Follow the tips below to make sure that both of these chores are done safely:

  • Make sure that the ladder that you are using to get up to the roof is made from either wood or, from fiberglass. An electrical current can actually jump to a metal object that is several feet away.
  • Never pull or yank on the cord of any lighting or power tools that you are using. If something is stuck or wrapped around an object, dismount the ladder and fix it. Trying to save time and yank on a cord could throw you off balance and cause a fall. Not to mention, put you at risk for fraying or expose wires on the cord.
  • If there are power lines near your home, be extremely cautious about how close you get to them when you are carrying your ladder, or even setting it up and standing on it. Do not climb a ladder when the forecast calls for any kind of storm.

Getting your home ready for the winter weather is a great thing to do during the fall months. The temperatures are cool enough that spending several hours outdoors is not uncomfortable of physically taxing, and there is still plenty of daylight to get a lot done. Make sure that you are staying safe while you are protecting your home.

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