Spring Time Skylight Maintenance

21863782_sAs spring finally arrives, homeowners across the valley welcome the sunshine with open arms and open skylights. The spring season will soon blossom into warm summer weather and to get ready for it now is a good time to make sure your skylights and windows are in good working order.

Keeping your windows and skylights maintained ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. The spring season is the perfect time to get this maintenance scheduled so that your windows and skylights are in top working order to keep the heat out during the summer and the cold and wet out during the winter.

Here are some maintenance tasks for your skylights:

Keep them clean. Wash the glass with glass cleaner and wash around the seals with warm soap and water. This will keep any debris, cobwebs, and dust from corroding the sealants and mechanisms.

Check the wood frames. Take a look at the wood frames around your skylights and check for cracking, peeling and fading. You may need to have the wood frames re-finished or re-painted. Check to make sure there aren’t any scratches or excessive damage.

Check the opening and closing mechanisms. The mechanisms that open and close your skylight should be checked regularly to ensure they are properly working. If there is any sticking or stalling when opening and closing, call a professional to have this checked right away

Skylights are a great way to allow natural light into your home and brighten things up without having to install lighting. However, they must be properly maintained and kept in good working order or, you could be looking at an energy user rather than an energy saver. Follow these simple steps to keep your skylights maintained and ready for summer sunshine.



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