Summer Roofing Maintenance

25535362_sThe weather during the summer can be unpredictable at times. Between extreme heat and the occasional thunderstorm, your roof can really take a beating during the summer months. Here are some roofing maintenance tips for your roof this summer:

Remove debris. During the fall and spring it is natural for strong winds to blow leaves, sticks, and other debris onto your roof. These materials can cause damage to your roofing shingles and may lead to a leak. Not to mention that gravity naturally draws these materials into your gutter and downspout system, where they can cause the real trouble. Carefully walk the entire space of your roof with a leaf blower or just a broom and remove all debris that you fin. Pay extra care to any large branches or stick that you find as they can become impaled in your roofing shingles.

Clean your gutters. The gutter system that is on your house is an important part of your home’s defense against water damage and flooding. The system is designed to divert water away from the foundation of your home and to the runoff so that water does not pool around the bottom of your home. If your gutter system is clogged with debris and leaves, then it cannot effectively move the water that runs down your roof and away from your house. Use a ladder to carefully clean the debris and sludge from your gutter system so that your home does not develop water damage.

Regularly inspect. After severe weather it is a good idea to walk the perimeter of your home and do a visual inspection of your roof. You can also use a ladder to get on top of the roof and carefully walk, looking for any signs of damage caused by the severe weather. Heavy rain can cause standing water puddles to form on your roof, sticks and twigs blowing in heavy winds can cause holes, and strong winds can pull and dislocate shingles.

Your home is your largest and most precious investment, and the roof is what protects it from damage. While the summer months are known for warm weather and relaxation, your roof is always hard at work protecting your home and needs some occasional TLC.

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